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My Grandfather,Benny Rogers, was a very fine old-time fiddler.His love for fiddling had a profound effect on me and I have tried to hold to the archaic, backwoods sounds I heard as a teenage boy.I have spent thirty-five years or so listening to recordings,attending fiddle conventions,playing for dances, jam sessions and playing in old time string bands.It has been especially gratifying to share and play this wonderful old music with my sons.I am currently a master fiddler on the Folk Art Apprenticeship program of the Alabama Council on the Arts. It has been an honor and pleasure to teach this wonderful Art form to younger generations over the past five years......

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Track List

1. Alabama Skip Step

2. Boatin' up Sandy

3. Everybody to the punching

4. Booth Shot Lincoln

5. Lost Indian

6. Turkey in the straw

7. Jack Wilson

8. Piney Woods

9. Bad Days Comin'

10. Joe Clark

11. Fisher's Hornpipe

12. Abe's reteat from Bull Run

13. Girl I left behind me

14. Williams Fork

15. Deep Gap

16. Flop-eared Mule



S3 edition